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Supplemental Insurance

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Supplemental Insurance

Why Do I Need Supplemental Insurance?

There are supplemental plans available that cover other items from accidental injuries to hospital stays or critical illnesses. We often recommend supplementing higher deductible plans with accidental expense insurance.

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Get Covered

Coverage for accidental injuries, hospital stays, and more.

For Active Lifestyles

Designed for those who have active lifestyles or kids in school sports.


Different types of plans for every situation.

The problem with accidental injuries is that they’re unpredictable and you can’t prevent them by taking vitamins and exercise. In all seriousness, when we go to a higher deductible health plan, those pesky accidents can cause problems, especially for those with active lifestyles or kids in school sports.

There are two basic types of accident insurance. Defined benefit plans have a specified dollar amount that is reimbursed to you depending on what happened. The most common plan of this type is offered by AFLAC who we represent. The other type is an Accident expense plan that reimburses your expenses after a deductible or copay. You can also add a lump sum benefit for heart attack, cancer, or stroke. Rates depend on age of applicants. It’s a great way to take the edge off that high deductible.

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