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Medicare Plans

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Medicare Plans

Do I Need Medicare?

We all pay for medicare through payroll deductions while we are working. Those medicare taxes pay for part of our medical coverage and start at age 65 or earlier if we are disabled long term.

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Part A

Cover hospital bills and nursing care.

Part B

Covers physician services

Part D

Covers drugs

Medicare Part A pays for hospital bills and nursing care.

Medicare Part B pays for physician services. It is also something we have to pay for each month when enrolled. Payments for Part B can vary based on income. For example, the base medicare part B premium in 2016 for new enrollees is $121.80/month.

Medicare Part D is for Drugs. You are required to enroll in some kind of plan that covers prescription drugs. A prescription drug plan or PDP can cost anywhere from $15/month up to well over $100/month.

Medicare supplements fill gaps in original medicare parts A and B. It can also be called MediGap. These plans are really nice but can cost $130/month and higher based on area and age and the type of plan you buy.

Medicare Advantage is also called Part C. Advantage plans are provided by insurance companies and typically cover medical expenses and prescription drugs in the state of Utah. Plan can be as inexpensive as $0 per month.

Medicare plans are complicated. Please call us and we can walk you through the options in person or over the phone.

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