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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

Why Do I Need Health Insurance?

Health Insurance helps protect your pocket book from potentially devastating medical bills. There are employer plans and individual plans that you can purchase directly from insurance companies or through an agent or broker. Plan benefits vary from very low deductibles and doctor visit co-pays to plans with high deductibles that only pay the bills after the deductible is met. We can assist with questions over the phone, email or we do in-person visits at our offices in Pleasant Grove. We prefer meeting face to face so we can get to know you to make better recommendations.

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Great for Employers

Employer based coverage is a great way to incentivize employees.


The ACA made insurance more accessible to more people than ever.

Plans for everybody

Plan benefits vary with very lo deductibles and doctor visit co-pays.

The Affordable Care Act or ACA that is often called ObamaCare drastically changed individual health insurance. The ACA made insurance more accessible to many people. Rates can be subsidized with tax credits or cost sharing subsidies. You can’t be declined due to health history and there’s no waiting period to receive care. There is an open-enrollment period where anyone can enroll. Outside of open-enrollment, you need a qualifying life event such as a birth in the family or an involuntary loss of other coverage, to qualify for a special enrollment period or SEP. We can help you deal with and health insurance marketplace problems.

Employer based coverage is a great way to incentivize employees. A benefit plan needs to be structured carefully by a small employer so that the coverage compares with what potential employees can get on their own. Once coverage is offered, eligible employees won’t qualify for assistance through the health insurance marketplace. Employers that have more than the equivalent of 50 full time employees, are required to offer coverage or pay penalties. For more information on employer plans, please contact us directly. We work with all of the companies that offer coverage in Utah.

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