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Dental Insurance

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Why Do I Need Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance is more of a health benefit plan than a plan that protects from large bills. Plans can be expensive and most Individual dental plans don’t offer coverage for orthodontics. Employer plans can be better plans for the cost.

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Variety of Plans

Plans to fit each individual's needs.

Great Coverage

Some plans even offer coverage for orthodontics for kids!


There are plans that are inexpensive and offer great coverage.

There are a few dental plans that we recommend for individuals. They provide great coverage for preventive visits and aren’t overly expensive. One of our favorite plans offers coverage for orthodontics for kids and even implants.

It used to be hard to get a dental plan for a reasonable price that offered benefits that could add up to anything close to the plans cost. We historically recommended saving your money and skipping the dental. There are now plans that are inexpensive and offer dental benefits that you’ll use. Each situation is unique. Give us a call or request a quote if you’re interested.

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